At ScopingProducts.com, we have been following and monitoring the world of online Social Media very closely; especially- live streaming broadcasting- and the different products and accessories that are currently available to the average consumer for their SMART-PHONES AND TABLETS.

In today’s society; with the development, popularity, and explosion of many different social media apps (Periscope, FaceBook Live, Youtube, Twitter,and others…) allowing the user to broadcast LIVE from their Smart-Phone or Tablet -whatever they are seeing, wherever they are- or recorded video; we believed there were other unique products that would allow for easier ways that you can manage your broadcasts and streaming abilities; and make your viewing, broadcasting, and recording simpler; with a lot more options, angles, and capabilities for your Smart-Phones and Tablets!

Our products cover a wide range of uses and markets, whether it be the online broadcaster (Scoper/Tuber/etc) or the general public looking for some new ways to hold and use their mobile devices for whatever purpose they require or need they have!

We’re proud to offer a new and updated variety of SMART-PHONE AND TABLET products and accessories that will provide you with many benefits:

  • TURN YOUR SMART PHONE INTO A GO-PRO!!! (Pick up a Water-proof case and a body mount- and you’re good to go!)
  • Broadcast and view HANDS-FREE (Check out our different body mounts, clip mounts, tripods and holders- and you’ll see how many different ways you can manipulate your phone now for amazing views, angles, and options for broadcasting or simply watching your favorite broadcast)
  • Broadcast and view- in extreme weather conditions (With a waterproof case, and our solid mount/clip; you can withstand whatever nature throws at you- ideal for news casting, reporting, or outdoor sports, or even while in/at the pool or shower/bathtub!!!)
  • Broadcast and view- while on the go!!! (Whether in the car, on the plane, boat, at the gym, on the golf cart, out for a bike ride… you name it- we have something to hold your phone and allow you to broadcast and still be able to view comments; or simply record whatever activity you might be doing!)
  • Relax comfortably- in bed- while using your Smart-Phone or tablet, and not have to hold it so you can watch whatever you like hands free with one of our unique Tripods, mounts, clips, or other items!
  • Stream or record at any event- while sitting or standing, without having to hold your phone or tablet- and still be able to read and respond to all comments, at many different heights and positions!
  • …and more!!!

Our products are not only for the ” live streaming” market; but are also very handy in many situations- indoor and outdoors- and have multiple uses in the home or office, at sporting events, concerts, and many other scenarios; due to the multi-functional designs, attachment features, configurations and varying mounting abilities!!!

We are also pleased to introduce our “Next Generation” of Selfie-Stick- Our Selfie-Pod!!! This products’ design offers all the features of a Selfie-Stick; but with a lot more function, uses and benefits!!!

We love toys and gadgets, and have been playing with all our products to prove how handy they are!!! AND THEY ARE!!!


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