At ScopingProducts.com- one day- came our AHA moment- which led to many other ideas and thoughts….

Imagine a mother holding/cradling her newborn child; who now wishes to share that special moment with the father who may have missed the birth, be out of town, or simply wish to share in a very intimate, private moment! She wishes to share with her spouse that beautiful treasured view through her eyes, privately!

What options does/did she have?

  1.  To hold the baby in one hand and her phone in the other? This would be a little awkward, and not the same view as if through her eyes….
  2. To set up a tripod? Most likely not the same height or position, and still not the same view- as if through her eyes….
  3. To ask someone to hold phone for her-…thus removing the privacy and intimacy of the moment?


  • What if she were able to put something comfortably on her head- while she cradled her beautiful new bundle of joy WITH BOTH HANDS- and was able to look down- as if through her eyes, and share that special view?
  • What is she wanted to Face-time/Skype/etc- and see the other party but at the same time still want to be able to have the quick option to show the same view without moving too much and with very little effort?

WELL- NOW SHE CAN!!!…with our Adjustable HEAD MOUNT and Universal Smart-Phone holder!!!

  •  Place your Smart-Phone directly onto the universal phone mount and have it either flat on your head for recording or broadcasting without needing to read or see comments.
  • Place an extension arm on the head mount and now you can see and read all comments while still showing the view from your head/eyes!

This is just one scenario and example!

  • Strap phone on your head- and go out and enjoy your favorite run, bike ride, or whatever pleases you, and record it from your view and perspective, which gives you the same ability and similar recording as with extreme sport cameras.
  • Strap phone on head with extension piece and broadcast what you are doing hands free; which is great for Social Media broadcasters that work with their hands (Cooks/Artists/Musicians/etc…)
  • Strap phone on head- and broadcast whatever you are seeing without having to hold your phone! Great for Social media broadcasts and recordings of concerts, sporting events, etc…
  • ..and more!!!


With our different mounts, tripods and clamps- utilizing our different attachment and connection parts- you will have many new options for using your Smart-Phones and Tablets in many new creative ways hands free!!!