“Not Just For Scopers”

Hi there…

I’m Jeff…the owner of Scoping Products.2016-11-13-15-13-58Scoping Products logo FINAL-01

Beyond my little “AHA” moment- I thought I would share a little story about one of the main reasons of why and how Scoping Products came to exist, and why I believe in the products that I sell.

My introduction to live-streaming began with watching concerts, listening to music and spending hours all night holding my phone and tablet watching and listening to some great shows.
Beyond the comments I was reading- about how the person “scoping” the concert must “work out” or “have arms of steel” for holding their phone the entire show to live stream and share it…
I thought and realized- there had to be some products available where I could lay in bed comfortably, or be at my desk, or anywhere in my home…enjoying these concerts- without having to hold my phone- AND AS WELL– where the person live-streaming did not have to hold theirs either.

I noticed as well- that as I began to watch live streaming, many of the broadcasters I was watching were mostly all looking down at their phones or tablets; as opposed to straight on!!!

THEN I THOUGHT- that if there were as an example 50,000 people on Periscope- only 1000 may be live-streaming, and the rest were most probably like me, holding their phones or tablets for hours on end!!!

So- I did some looking around- and found that on Social Media- I could not find what I was looking for, and most other available outlets did not have what I really wanted either.

I then did began using and testing various samples of products from reliable factories and sources, and incorporating them into my daily life and use in live-streaming that I began personally to do.

What a pleasure it was- to not have to hold my phone anymore, AND– many people that watched me live-stream- were curious as to how I was doing the things I was doing without having to hold my phone!

This is why I sell the products I do, and every product I have used in one situation or another and it has allowed me to enjoy my phone and tablet, in ways I was not able to before; mostly without having to hold them!!!

I hope you feel the same way, once you purchase and try some of our products.
Many of our customers have and continue to do so!!!