Scoping Products ts has a program we designed to help out and Pay-It-Forward with Apparel and other items- which is called “SCOPING PROJECTS”. This is a big part of our Company and a passion of ours- To Help If We Can!!!
All items shown on this page are/were designed for unique Projects and Programs; and they were all developed through our Scoping Projects Initiative; which is to help out and PAY-IT-FORWARD!!!

All LINKS AND PROGRAMS – are designed by Scoping Products to assist within our “SCOPING PROJECTS” Initiative to partner with Social Media Broadcasters, Programs, Projects and Businesses to help Pay-It-Forward!!!

All purchases, support and proceeds provided for any of the programs listed on this page- WILL GO DIRECTLY TO THE SPECIFIC SOCIAL MEDIA BROADCASTER AND/OR CAUSE THAT THEY ARE WORKING ON, AND/OR RAISING FUNDS FOR.

Any and all monies raised within the “SCOPING PROJECTS PROGRAM” are PURELY NON-PROFIT.

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