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Derek in Nepal

Derek Cowan- Founders Story

Where it all started…
On 22 January 2015 I left Scotland on a journey of discovery. It was a journey that I knew would help me find my purpose. I had to go. I had been suffering from depression and I needed to change. The brutal truth was that if I didn’t, then I would end up dead at the end of a rope.
So I bought a ticket. A one-way ticket to Vietnam. I made the decision to give up everything I had known to travel across South-East Asia helping others in need. Nothing gives me more joy or happiness than helping others. Judgement and any kind of prejudice is excluded at all times.

I figured that if I could carry out enough random acts of kindness (#RAK) then maybe I’d even help myself along the way.

My heart opened.I did just that, and my heart opened in ways I could never have imagined. I had the opportunity to work with social enterprises doing so much good helping some of the most vulnerable groups in society: children, orphans, those with disabilities, homeless people, and farmers.
I visited a center that been set up to help Dioxin victims. It was heartbreaking watching children with these inherited disabilities living in the toughest conditions. My eyes were opened as I really saw the horror and lasting effects of an unjust war.
Derek at Work
Derek Welding

But then I saw hope.

These tiny little charities were doing and giving everything they could to help with food, living conditions, and emotional support. All I could think was “These are the charities that need the most help!”

I also had some great adventures. Now don’t get me wrong, I did have a lot of fun on my travels too. I had this dream of traveling north to south through Vietnam, and I did it. It was a wild journey zigzagging 3000km across the country on my motorbike, quite rightly named ‘Haggis’. It took six weeks, and in that time I met the most amazing people and had so many life-changing experiences.
Men at Work.

Did I mention I did it all on Periscope! That’s right! I didn’t do it all alone. Everyone got to go on this epic adventure with me.

Then it hit me. Scoping for social good.

It was during those moments on Periscope that I realized something remarkable. This is the world through someone else’s eyes, through my eyes. Periscope was still a new technology, but I had a vision and I could see the future. After being featured on Periscope and reaching 6 million hearts, I realized this was so much bigger than I had ever thought. My incredible community could be a driver for real social change.

I could use this platform to give these small charities the attention they deserve. I could show the world through the eyes of those less fortunate. I could make a real difference and together we could change the world.
Nepal Green Wheat

We’re taking a modern approach to raising funds: I will be sharing this journey through Periscope.

I will show the day-to-day struggles that many of these charities deal with. I will show you exactly what these charities are all about, who they are trying to help, and the exact ways they are helping.

It’s about 100% transparency.

LIVE Streaming provides that transparency and will bring us all together. Relationships can form between the charities, the donors, and our overall community. Together we can bridge that gap and leverage social media to provide the exposure to a wider audience. This is something that can’t be done without the technology or the people.

It’s going to be an EPIC, WILD and AMAZING journey and one I’d love you to be part of!
Sunset over Thangpalkot Nepal
Nepal- Moneky Sunset

Who We Are
Help The Journey was set up by Derek Cowan to provide small charities with the attention they deserve. By leveraging live streaming and social media, Derek has set out to bring the world together for social good.

Our Mission
Our mission is to travel the world helping 50 charities in 50 countries across 6 continents to achieve long-term sustainable growth. The entire journey will be documented and shared through the live-streaming platform, Periscope.

Who We Help
Help The Journey will be supporting the smaller causes that don’t have the external support and resources that some of the bigger organizations have access to.

How We Help
There are three key ways Help The Journey will support each of these charities.

1- Physical Support:
Derek will be traveling to these causes and working with them to provide whatever support they require. Whether it’s digging a well or working on their marketing plans, Derek will be on the ground and directly involved in improving each charity visited.

2- Education and Expert Advice:
Help The Journey has a number of expert mentors who will be providing their time to educate each of these charities around specific areas. In order for each charity to prosper in the long term, there needs to be a solid structure and strategy in place. There also needs to be ongoing support and accountability.

3- Financial Support:
The reality is that a lot of these small charities are often in the shadows and get zero external financial support. 100% of donations collected go directly to the projects. Each charity receiving funds will have a leader assigned to them to ensure they are accountable for their expenditure and progress.

Our Promise
We believe charities deserve more attention. Our promise is to raise awareness and create real social change that delivers tangible results for every charity supported. 100% of your donation will go directly to the project.