Ladies Go Live

This page is designed for the participants and followers of the upcoming Ladies Go Live Summit- August 25th , 2017.

The items shown below are suggested items for use for Live-Streaming- which can help you benefit and improve your overall streaming experience. They are all items and products used by social media friends of Scoping Products, and will help with increased lighting, ear buds for proper sound and audio, and tripods that will give you the ability to place your phone in various settings and positions for proper angles and increased video efficiency.




SP-9063- Mini Selfie Light




2.75” W x 2.75” H x 0.5” D• ABS Plastic
• Includes three soft rubber interchangeable covers
• Standard plug fits most devices with 3.5mm jack
• 20 KHZ frequency range
• Earphones are packed in ABS travel case
• Hands-free headphones with mic for your phone

SP-284- Mini-Compact Tripod- Phone


 Selfie-Pod- All in One










About #LadiesGoLIVE Virtual Summit

#LadiesGoLIVE is a highly interactive, unique virtual and global live collaboration for passionate women who are on a mission to help other women elevate! ​
The virtual summit celebrates LIVE video which can be your catalyst to gain invaluable exposure and achieve international success.