At– our primary focus is on the social media broadcasting market; YET we realize that most individuals do not broadcast themselves on live social media; but rather spend A LOT of time watching their favorite social media broadcasters, channels, or live streams.

For this specific reason- all our products are designed with YOU- the viewer in mind- making it easier and more comfortable for you to enjoy watching your favorite social media stream; or if you simply just wish to have the comfort of using your phone or tablet in varying situations, locations, and positions; and enjoy all the benefits of your mobile devices- but hands-free; then our products are for you.

Our tripods, clamps, mounts, and all in one pole- are all items that will allow you to sit, lie, stand, or move comfortably while using your smart phones and tablets.

Whether at home in bed, actively out and about doing activities, or simply sitting at your desk, you’ll enjoy the ease, style, and design of all our products; which again are all meant to make enjoying your phone and tablet with hands free ease!!!