Quality Assurance

At ScopingProducts.com; prior to launching our site and introducing our products; we have been “playing” with our products- (“TOYS”- as we like to call them-)  for the last few months; in many situations and scenarios, and under many different conditions; such as:

  • Broadcasting and streaming live- HANDS-FREE- at remote locations such as restaurants, other business establishments and tourist attractions.
  • Used the products during actual live streaming Periscope broadcasting demonstrating- HANDS-FREE- cooking and other live kitchen activities.
  • Broadcasted live streaming video in and under water from inside a shower!!!
  • Used many of the varying tripods and other products- around the home- to watch comfortably while lying down- favorite videos or streaming video- without having to hold phone.
  • Used various products to record and broadcast animals for unique views- at floor level- again without having to hold phone.
  • Set up Multi-Pod in multiple, multiple positions, heights, etc- to use as tripod for desk, to face-time with friends and family, to take amazing distant selfies, at varying heights, angles, etc.
  • …and much more!!!

We are certain you will be impressed with the quality of, craftsmanship, and flexibility/range of what you can do with our products.

All our products are made in quality factories specializing in these product categories- with high end R+D, as well as product testing facilities and labs; and using only first quality parts, and materials.


  • All our products come with specially designed connection and adapter parts thus allowing for the many secure variations that you can position your phone or tablet- horizontally and vertically.
  • By adding these parts- your phone (or tablet) becomes more secure- to the item you are using- which is primarily designed for durability and flexibility.
  • Please make sure- when comparing our products against similar products you may be considering- to make note of the added connection parts, and extra added components- which are included and standard with all our products- as they are often not included with similar items you may find online.
  • All our items- can be used for Cameras as well!!!

With proper usage and care- our products should last you for quite some time- and now give you many new uses for your Smart-Phones and Tablets.