Special Needs Market

A major focus of Scoping Products- is for people to be able to enjoy, benefit and get more use from their Smartphones and Tablets- in various situations.

ALL THE ITEMS shown on this page have been tested and used in home, hospital, rehabilitation, institutional and similar type settings; so that the use of Smartphones and Tablets can be enjoyed without having to hold them!SP-157-Hospital attached

Universal Tablet Holder- Headrest/Bedmount

Whether it be during long term or short term care- or even in a home environment- these products can be attached and mounted on various objects such as hospital beds, beds with bars, headboards, cribs, wheel chairs, night tables, lamp shades, walkers, and much more!Octopod- WheelChair Use
TABLET BEDMOUNT- see details here

QUICK CLIP- see details here

OCTOPOD- see details here

We even have an item to keep your smartphone dry from water- which is very handy in the kitchen or washroom/tub/shower!!!

SP-WB-1 -SINK demo
SP-WB-1 -SINK demo

WATERPROOF BAG/CASE- see details here

Successful applications and uses of some of our products-
1- Very beneficial to care providers- who may require both hands but still wish to use, or need their mobile devices.
2- Very handy for medical practitioners- while on call- or attending to a patient- and require their mobile devices with them for information or emergency purposes but without the need to hold them.
3- During short or long term institutional care- enjoy your mobile devices from the comfort of your bed, or they can be easily used in many other ways around the room, facility, home- both indoors and outdoors.
4- Lightweight, solid construction- these items can be easily moved around and used in various areas making it simple to move your mobile devices.



We also have lots of convenient,handy,functional MAGNETIC HOLDERS! Great as well for phone mobility!!!Magnetic phone holder in home
Magnetic Holders- see details here