We have decided to help out and work with some top social media broadcasters to help enhance their broadcasts by supplying them with some of our products; and then partnering with them to offer special discounts and packages and many other types of programs for their followers or any cause they may have or wish to support!!


Here are some of our Friends/Partners:

  • – a popular U.K. live streaming social media broadcaster whom enjoys sharing his experiences with his many followers through his daily broadcasts. Garry is a location “scoper” who likes to share the different surroundings, sights and sounds of his U.K. home, as well as things about himself so that viewers may get to know him.  (You can also find Garry on Twitter- @GarryNovDelta)For Garry’s followers- just enter code “gawwy” in checkout and receive a site-wide discount on all items,excluding items already on sale or discounted
  • Layne- aka- Layngels – daily streams of sunsets, beach life, fun shows, promote scopes
  • Rob Music-–  see info on Rob’s page under Social Media Friends
  • Travel The World-– Steve and Pauline- daily travel scopes, cooking, and much more
  • Vickie Natale-– Singer, Songwriter, Performer- see info on Vickie’s page under Social Media Friends

At our primary focus is on the social media broadcasting market; AND we realize the importance of making your live broadcasts, blogs, videos and live-streams seem clean looking, professional, while at the proper heights, and distances, and angles.

All of our products are designed with broadcasting needs in mind- making it easier and more comfortable for you to broadcast with varying options; allowing for the comfort of using your phone or tablet in varying situations, locations, and positions; providing all the benefits of your mobile devices- but hands-free, so with more options. This is very helpful with certain social media broadcasters that wish to show different views, angles and have varying options.

Our tripods, clamps, mounts, and all in one- are all items that will allow you to sit, lie, stand, and move about comfortably while broadcasting or recording your sessions- all wihile using your smart phones and tablets.

Whether at home in bed, actively out and about doing activities, or simply sitting at your desk, you’ll enjoy the ease, style, and design of all our products; which again are all meant to make your social media broadcasting with your phones and tablets hand-free!!!


> Cooks/Artists/etc…- use one of our clamps or mounts and have your phone attached to your overhead hood, grill, or easel- showing your cooking, drawing, painting skills hands-free, or set up our all in one pole at varying levels on your counter or desk top and get many different views and angles- both vertically and horizontally.

> Musicians- Attach one of our clamps right onto the mic stand and give your followers the front row seat. Or attach a mount or clamp right to the musical instrument you are playing, and offer a whole different view…

…and many more examples


Call or email, and find out how we can help your broadcast and the way you look seem more upscale and at better view.