Travel The World

This page is dedicated to Steve and Pauline- aka. Travel The World on Periscope- / Twitter> @Travel_Visions


Scoping Products is proud to have Steve and Pauline using our products during their travels and journeys, and is pleased to offer a discount to all their followers on all our products that are not currently on sale or discounted.

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A little about Steve and Pauline


  • World traveling couple with their dog Benz.

  • To date- they have visited 0ver 80 countries combined.

  • Globally recognized for their live travel and cooking shows.

  • Pauline & their dog Benz are from Hong Kong, and Steve is from USA.

  • They teach you exactly how to travel much more, for much less

  • Become inspired, learn and have fun with their rapidly growing VTF community

    Scoping Products welcomes Steve and Pauline to our family of Social Media Friends, and Steve and Pauline would like to welcome you to their family!